‘Downton Abbey’ season 3 spoilers: Is one mystery solved?

We weren’t sure whether or not we were going to have another photo preview for Sunday night’s new episode of “Downton Abbey,” but the latest shot that has been unveiled for the hit ITV series is something that is far too interesting to pass up on discussing.

More than anything else, what we get out of this image is simply that not only is Tom Branson going to have his daughter Sybil’s christening but, contrary to what we wondered about previously, it is one that he will very much be on board with and will likely be a part of his Catholic faith. (Otherwise, we don’t imagine that he would be anywhere near as pleased to be front and center in this image.) The one element that is still curious here is Violet wearing all-black for an event that is not a funeral, but she may be doing this out of a decision to still be in mourning for the late Sybil, who died just a matter of a few short episodes ago.

As for another mystery here, we have a feeling that the man with the marvelous mustache (who we saw previously in another image) is really going to be Mr. Branson’s brother. After all, the resemblance between him and Tom is uncanny, and we can’t think of any other reason why he would be at this event other than to support someone that he cares about deeply as a part of his family.

Let’s hope that there is not too much drama initiated here that the Crawley family will have to touch on in the following episode, mostly just because we are nearing the end of the season and the family is starting to run out of time.

What do you think about having the christening be a major part of this week’s episode?

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