‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9 spoilers: First look at ‘Beautiful Doom’

We knew that the next new episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” was going to be emotional … but who knew that we would be feeling as much of it as we are just courtesy of the first promo alone? This episode is not set to air for two weeks, but based on the title alone in “Beautiful Doom,” you knew that there was going to be pain in just about every minute of it.

First, let’s focus on what this promo shows us: Meredith trying to desperately help a young woman crushed by a car, and the memories of what happened to her sister Lexie are going to ring through her head like the bells of Notre Dame. Ellen Pompeo’s character has on some level been suppressing these emotions as of late, and has been needing some sort of outlet in order to get them out. Well, it’s fair to say that she may now found it, but probably not in the way that anyone intended her to.

In addition to this, you should also brace yourself for seeing plenty of Sandra Oh’s Cristina during this episode, as she will be the other focal point in an hour that could either bring these two friends closer together again, or potentially drive them further apart depending on what happens during it. Now, we just have to be good and patient so that we can find out without losing our minds while we wait.

What do you think about this promo, and are you expecting big things for this to be a classic episode of the show?

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