NBC’s ‘The Office’ review: Was Stephen Colbert used right at all?

When we first heard that Stephen Colbert was going to be making a guest appearance on “The Office,” we were thrilled considering that he has to be one of the funniest men on TV. However, we were then stunned to see that the show could not even get him in an actual scene save for a few video appearances here and there. Were there scheduling issues thanks to his show? We don’t know, but the disappointment surrounding Colbert’s “Broccoli Rob,” a former member of Andy’s acapella group “Here Comes Treble,” really kept this episode from going anywhere.

The sad thing about this episode was that there were many funny lines, but the some of its parts were never as good as the individual moments. Really, there were only three times during the whole episode where we found ourselves really rolling on the floor:

1. Watching Dwight in the cold open wander around with a pumpkin stuck on his head.

2.Darryl convincing Dwight that him putting peanut butter all over his own face was a good determination of whether or not he thought he was crazy.

3. The incredibly awkward moment of Toby falling in love with Nellie as “sexy Toby,” but then completely losing interest when she became Nellie again. That’s at least how we took this scene, though we admit that there is a major part of us now that actually wants to see these two together. Doesn’t Toby need a win eventually?

The story with Colbert just couldn’t measure up just because it felt so unnecessary, and his character was not as sinister as he could have been since it felt like it was just Stephen Colbert in a sweater. Meanwhile, the other main plot was just a continuation of the Jim-and-Pam fighting that we’ve seen as of late, which is almost soul-sucking to the show. Why we want to see everyone’s beloved couple squabble and be stressed out so late in the game is beyond us.

What did you think about this episode?

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