‘Two and a Half Men’ review: Is Rose’s return good or bad?

Despite having Ashton Kutcher as the leading man now rather than Charlie Sheen, “Two and a Half Men” has done a pretty remarkable job of keeping it the same jokes with sex and fart jokes galore. However, what they had yet to do before Thursday night’s new episode was bring back someone notorious for being one of Charlie Harper’s “greatest loves” … so much so that he agreed to run off overseas with her, only to be later killed in a tragic train “accident.”

So was Rose a welcome addition to the show Thursday night? We’re still not sure. From one standpoint, she was always the strongest character whenever she was on the show, as there was some great delivery and a bizarre sort of earnestness that occasionally came through her dialogue. The show was therefore always better when she was around. With that being said, though, is it a bad thing that the writers could think of nothing better to do than to bring Rose back? As silly as this show can be, we’re not sure we can buy Alan letting someone so closely tied to his brother’s passing. It also felt so strange to go back to the past one week after introducing someone so new and exciting in Miley Cyrus’ character of Missi.

There were still some genuine laughs in here when it came to seeing some of the reactions to Rose’s return, and it does appear as though the story is open to keeping her around for a while. However, the entire bit at the end about popcorn and gas felt so ridiculous that it is almost worth not even bringing up here. We literally felt bad for the actors involved in the scene.

What did you think about this episode?

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