This Is Us season 4 theory: Is Cassidy the mother of Kevin’s future son?

This Is UsAs we dive further into This Is Us season 4, including the new episode airing on NBC Tuesday night, more and more theories will come out of the woodwork. Such is especially the case when you think a little bit about what the premiere episode introduced — new characters, including an older version of Kate’s son Jack and then also a woman named Cassidy (played by Jennifer Morrison) who had a chance, and unfortunate, encounter with Nicky Pearson.

At the end of the premiere, it was clear that Jack was going to be heading out to pay Nicky a visit. He feels a certain degree of responsibility to look after him after spending so long to track him down in the first place. Because of what happened and where it happened, it feels fair to speculate that Kevin and Cassidy will meet.

Now, remember that Kevin has a son in the flash-forward timeline, and we still don’t know who the mother of this son is. It feels like Cassidy is all of a sudden the leading candidate, given that she has experiences and even demons that Kevin is familiar with. The elder Jack, like Cassidy, served in the military. Meanwhile, Cassidy seems to share issues with drinking that both Kevin and his father faced in life. There could be a kindred-spirit quality to Cassidy and Kevin, where the two could help each other be on the straight and narrow.

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Because of all of this, it feels obvious that Cassidy will end up being the mother of Kevin’s son … but are things with this show ever so simple?

One thing does feel clear — Cassidy and Kevin will have some sort of relationship in the future. Yet, there’s no guarantee that it will return romantic. One school of thought is that the two build a deep relationship and from there, maybe Kevin ends up meeting his next love — a friend of Cassidy’s. Or, maybe the two build a connection, have a son, and then something happens to Cassidy later. It’s hard to imagine that these two form a relationship that is a straight line where they get together, have a baby together, and then live out the rest of their days. That’s often what so many want, but rarely is it what the people within the world of This Is Us actually get.

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