‘Elementary’ episode 4 review: Who now knows Sherlock’s secret?

Sherlock Holmes was back on the case again Thursday night on “Elementary,” and we’re rather grateful that the show was rather quick to shake up what we have seen on the so far. For one thing, this was the first case where Holmes was more of a private eye than a detective with the police. In addition to that, this was the first episode that started off with the character as a missing man.

Watson went to the police to inform them of what was happening, and she also expressed her fear to the captain that he could be using again … the first he had supposedly heard about this addiction. With that in mind, this became somewhat of a theme in this episode as Holmes started to see drugs involved in a number of the deaths that he saw during the episode, but he was able to hold that together. Instead, he had to struggle to figure out a case all about who was killing in order to climb up the corporate ladder. The twist here? We thought for most of the episode that Sherlock going missing happened early in the episode; however, it actually happened near the end and it was just shown to us first in an effort to shake things up. We met a fascinating female villain this week in a secretary that doubles a serial killer, and coupled with the villain from last week, we’ve now had two cool villains, and we really just hope that they either come back, or the show continues to create great ones.

Now that we are four episodes in to this show, we do have to say that this has become a rather enjoyable twist to the crime drama genre. While we are still a sucker for some shows that are more serialized in nature, there is just enough going on here to still make each individual case exciting.

Are you still enjoying this series, and are you starting to finally differentiate this from the exemplary “Sherlock” overseas?

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