‘The Vampire Diaries’ review: Who are ‘The Five’?

For those of you who were really, really waiting to see vampire Elena let loose on “The Vampire Diaries,” Thursday night’s new episode provided just that. She finally started to channel some of her anger (save for some “Mean Girls” issues early on with Rebekah over her senior year party), had a crazy joyride with Stefan, and even enjoyed a few seconds of vampire-on-vampire lovin’ before realizing that her had been poisoned by the nasty new cockroach of Mystic Falls who won’t go away: Connor. Who loves this guy? We at least like the fact that he may be getting his own sidekick now in Jeremy, who is probably the last person who needs to get near him. Then again, Connor is really the only person paying any sort of attention to him at all.

About the man – Admittedly, there is still a part of us that is having a hard time fully wrapping our head around the character, largely due to the sole fact that this guy is (gasp!) human and we’re so used to the real villains being some sort of immortal person who cannot die except by some special means like White Oak or a being extremely lucky.

However, it also turns out that the man we are talking about here is no ordinary vampire hunter. Instead, he is one of “The Five,” which is some sort of mysterious organization that suddenly makes Klaus believe that he is as valuable as a golden goose.

And now, some love for Matt and Rebekah – It’s hard to really see what made this story so interesting, but this couple is just completely engaging … even if they are not a couple at all. Rebekah’s having weird fantasies about ripping out his heard, just because she feels so heartbroken about what has happened to him.

Rebekah has basically become the ultimate trainwreck on this show, and it’s awesome. The only friend that she really has now is newbie April, who’s mostly just there because she doesn’t want to be reminded of what happened at the farmhouse.

New besties – One of the other joys of this season so far is seeing the friendship between Stefan and Caroline, who he is actually leaning on now for advice in order to get through this transition. He really wants her to enjoy every moment, but he’s a little conflicted in it. Why? If he starts to enjoy it himself, he goes into Ripper mode again and start sucking the blood of everyone in the town.

The closing shocker – At the very end of this week, Elena ended up channeling a little too much emotion into her new blood-sucking buddy in Matt, and this caused her to nearly kill him before Damon, who is now vowing to be her mentor, stepped in.

What did you think overall about this episode? Be sure to share some of your thoughts with a comment below.

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