Is Lennie James leaving Fear the Walking Dead? Is Morgan Jones dead?

Lennie JamesIs Lennie James leaving Fear the Walking Dead following the events of the season 5 finale? It’s certainly fair to wonder, based on the closing minutes of Sunday’s episode.

In the concluding seconds of what we saw tonight, we had what we would refer to as a devastating sequence of events for the character. He had already cast his lot in with Virginia, thinking at the time that it was going to be the only way to help them survive. He was tricked, and in that way, completely screwed over. He was able to ensure the safety of all of his friends, but at the same time, perhaps not himself. In the closing minutes, Virginia shot him and, after learning that the group’s new “patient” (Grace) was pregnant, he was then left to die.

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There’s no denying based on the end of the episode tonight that things aren’t looking too great for Morgan — we imagine that he’s gonna be in a tight spot moving into season 6, but we also didn’t see the zombies actually devour his flesh. Because of that, we’re holding out hope that the character will end up being okay. Maybe someone rushes in and saves him, or maybe he finds a way to (somehow) fend off the walkers himself.

James has been one of the longest-tenured members of the Walking Dead universe. He first appeared in the pilot episode and was one of the first people Rick Grimes met. Then, we had the version of Morgan within the episode “Clear.” Eventually, he traveled down a different path and he’s now been the leader-of-sorts of the whole “helping people” movement. Him leaving the show would be a dramatic blow for not only those within the Fear the Walking Dead world, but also the flagship show.

For now, though, know this: There has been no confirmation on the future status of Lennie James. We’ll keep you posted, so be sure to stick around.

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