‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2 spoilers: Live, live, LIVE! (video)

After watching the latest sneak peek from Sunday’s new “Once Upon a Time” episode, we are really not sure we could be more excited to watch an hour of television if we tried. Why? Let’s just say that it ultimately combines so much of what we love about the drama of this fantasy show, and also brings in just enough spookiness to make it a perfect Halloween special. Plus, someone actually makes the Evil Queen cower in fear!

So who is the responsible party here? Look no further than Dr. Whale, who makes a bold move in Storybrooke to try and use some of the powers that he trained in the other land in order to bring a test subject back to life. Specifically, we are talking about Regina’s long-lost love Daniel (Noah Bean). It was his death that changed Regina forever, so seeing him alive could change everything … or could it?

Unfortunately, there was a problem that Whale / Dr. Frankenstein did not really see coming, and that is that all magic comes with a price, especially when you are doing it in a world where it operates differently. To use his own terminology, he believes that he has created a monster, and we are already envisioning a once-peaceful stable boy rampaging through the streets and causing all sorts of havoc. It should be a fun hour to watch, especially when it comes to seeing characters move out of their established positions. Regina’s now vulnerable, Whale’s in a panic, and Bean could arguably having the best material of his career as a monster.

How excited does this new clip make you?

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