‘Gossip Girl’ season 6 spoilers: How ‘Lost,’ ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ can now relate

It wouldn’t be a dramatic TV show without there being at least one plane crash … which may be what the makers of “Gossip Girl” were thinking when it came to one of the final episodes of their long-running CW series. While we know that there will be a tragedy that strikes now, there are still a number of other key questions that remain, including whether or not anyone ends up biting the dust by the time this accident comes to a close.

Here’s what we know for now. According to TVLine, the penultimate episode of the show is going to feature an event that “Grey’s Anatomy” used for great effect during its season 8 finale last year, and that at least one major character from the show will be on board. We can’t confirm whether or not that person is going to die, but having tragedy strike near the end of the season is not something that is a completely foreign concept. Just look at what happened to Jin and Sun on “Lost” (which was one of the saddest deaths we’ve ever seen on TV), or Mike on “Desperate Housewives” earlier this year.

No matter what happens here, let’s just hope that all of the characters will find a way to rise above it, if for no other reason than that there is still a finale that provides not only plenty of entertainment, but also hope for some of the longtime fans of the show who have an opportunity to watch it. Nobody wants either an incomplete or tragic ending to a show when they have gotten to know and love the characters so much over the years.

Who do you think is in the plane crash, and are you currently predicting that they will not make it out alive?

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