‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Naya Rivera on Santana, Heather Morris’ Brittany

For all “Brittana” fans out there, here is the latest bit of “Glee” scoop that is coming in via Naya Rivera, whose character of Santana has clearly gone through some tough times already this year. Not only did she end up breaking up with her longtime girlfriend (Brittany), who has been thus far the love of her life, but she also is forced to deal with these emotions while also attending school at the University of Louisville away from some of her other classmates.

Thanks to this whirlwind of circumstances in her life, it’s easy to understand why Rivera tells The Hollywood Reporter in a new interview that her character is very much “at a crossroads.” She is going to be spending some time back at McKinley trying to not just find herself in the present, but also where she wants to go in the future. While this confusion for her may be frustrating for some fans, it is easily one of the most realistic depictions of high-school life out there. After all, who really knows with 110% certainty what they want to do when they graduate high school? It’s only a small percentage of people, while everyone else has to figure it out later.

As for the future of Brittany with Santana, all shippers out there will be pleased to know that Rivera is still hopeful:

“If you think back to your first love, you always remember them and little things always remind you of them. I feel like that’s the relationship that they will always have. First love is always hard, that’s why that speech [in ‘The Break-Up’] was so beautiful. But long-term? My fingers are crossed for them.” 

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