Blue Bloods season 10 premiere review: Jamie, Eddie’s home debate

Blue Bloods season 10

Tonight, the Blue Bloods season 10 premiere brought up a number of different important stories. It also gave us a rare opportunity in order to see a guest at Reagan family dinner. Someone outside the family was there!

For the sake of this premiere, the person who was sitting around at dinner was none other than Lenny, Frank’s longtime friend who found himself in yet another pickle. What happened here? Well, a woman claiming to be his daughter showed up with a courtesy card after being arrested. The twist? Well, she wasn’t really his daughter, but rather a pretender. Yet, she got the card from a half-sibling who was actually a blood relative of Lenny’s, which meant that he had an opportunity to get to know someone who he never knew before.

While Lenny may not be a character we know that well on the show, there was something emotional that came via him seeing his real daughter for the first time.

As for what else we had throughout this episode, we saw Danny and Baez do their part to stop a mass murderer after Maggie brought the case to their attention. Eventually, though, Maggie became a target within the case … which led to Danny having to save her from a car on fire. Danny paid Maggie a visit at the end of the episode and after that, it seemed like there were the beginnings of at least something there between the two. Does this mean that it’ll turn into a romance? Not necessarily, but time will tell.

We also saw Erin in the midst of a much more violent case than she was used to, as it turned out that a defense attorney from her past was representing some very bad people. Erin did found a way to be successful in the end in proving her case, but there was a precarious situation that happened first.

Finally, Jamie and Eddie had to come to a solution about their work status, and they came up with this — Eddie is planning to run the overnight shift so that she and Jamie can continue to work at the same precinct. They also had another issue, as they had to figure out whether or not they were willing to take a steep discount for a place … mostly to give the owners clout and also because of their last name. In the end, they found a place that was perfect for them — and one without strings attached.

CarterMatt Verdict

Blue Bloods is back, and it’s definitely the show you remember — powerful in its simplicity at times. It doesn’t try to do too much; instead, it tries to entertain with great characters.

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