‘Shark Tank’ preview: The power of youth

Typically when we have preview videos to share for new episodes of “Shark Tank,” what we often highlight in them are some of the inventions that we are going to see a day or so in advance. However, the video that we have to share today instead shows off something a little bit different: some of what the young inventors out there are bringing to the tank through out the season.

This video clearly goes for an inspirational angle, as wee kids as young as 11 years old coming in front of Kevin O’Leary and company with pitches about what makes their product special, and how it could appeal to mass audiences. For the sharks, this creates an interesting challenge in that they must find a way to be nice to the kids, but at the same time fair to what their own qualifications and assets are.

If we are being completely honest here, we admit that this is not necessarily the sort of “Shark Tank” that we normally love, mostly because we prefer the show when it is aggressive, snarky, and the sharks are at each other’s throats while O’Leary is asking an inventor what happens to his company if he gets run over by a bus. We do understand that America has gone through some tough times, and there are some people who will nonetheless find this video to be particularly uplifting that the American Dream is still possible for anyone, regardless of their age. Then again, we should point out that there is one key part left out of this video: whether or not any of these kids actually landing an investor.

Do you like “Shark Tank” better when it is inspiring, or when it is aggressive and the sharks nearly come to blows while talking about a product?

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