A Million Little Things season 2: Show EP on key Katherine – Eddie story

A Million Little Things - EddieAs we prepared for A Million Little Things season 2, we knew in advance that there were hard times coming for Katherine and Eddie. There was so much that happened between them already, and just when it seemed like they were close to working a way back to each other, another shoe was going to drop: Eddie being the father of Delilah’s baby. That’s not the sort of thing you get around easily — if ever — if you are Katherine.

Herein now lies the struggle — if you are the creative team, how do you find a way to take this revelation on? It makes sense on some level for Katherine to never want to see him again, but sometimes life and love can be complicated. There are deep feelings there between each other, so there may still be a way. Yet, there does need to be consequences. That seems to inform the decision from Katherine to go MIA leading into episode 2, and that is something that executive producer DJ Nash explains a little bit further in a new interview with TVLine after the premiere:

“Over the break, I struggled with being true to the women who would never want Katherine to take Eddie back and being true to the fans that would love to see them reconcile … After the journey of bringing them closer and closer together all last season, it seemed even too heartbreaking for me to have that end there. So the question was: How do we keep Katherine’s authenticity?”

David Giuntoli also makes it clear that Katherine’s absence could be prolonged, and it’s also going to end up having an impact on more than just Eddie:

 “She’s bounced. That’s big … What it really also brings home for Eddie is the idea that he hurt her so badly that she would leave her son. That’s not something in Katherine’s character.”

The plan for the Katherine/Eddie storyline moving further into season 2 is to generate a lot of conversation; with that in mind, it feels clear already that you could put a big “mission accomplished” stamp on this. We imagine that there are going to be a lot of thoughts on what Eddie did, what Katherine is doing as a response, and where the two end up going from here.

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