Suits series finale review: How did Harvey & Donna’s journey end?


The Suits series finale came and went on USA Wednesday night, and we like to imagine that it brought to you everything that you could’ve possibly wanted. Or, at least that’s the case for us as a fan of just about everything that they brought out in the final minutes. The painting! Harvey picking up a basketball! The new name on the firm! Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida”! It was all perfect and a recognition from Harvey Specter that he doesn’t need to be the king of New York law anymore. He just needs to be a person.

Let’s run through all of the good news for these characters, as there is plenty of it — Harvey and the firm banded together to get Faye Richardson out of their hair, allowing them to all move forward. Yet, Harvey opted in the end to not stay at the very place with his name on the wall, deciding instead with Donna to go to Seattle and join Mike and Rachel in fighting for the little guys. Taking on Faye helped to remind him of who he really was again, and that is someone who wants to support the underdog more and not just help the rich stay rich.

Yet, Harvey and Donna’s decision may be secondary to the biggest surprise of the finale: The impromptu wedding! After Sheila and Louis got married, Harvey decided to propose to Donna on the spot, which she said yes to without hesitation. Since everyone got so dressed up for a wedding that got quickly cut off (Sheila went into labor during the vows), they gave the people what they wanted and that was a night of romance. Harvey and Donna didn’t have to get married to be happy, but we do think it was a nice moment and celebration of who the two are and how much they adore each other.

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Louis and Sheila are now the proud parents to a baby girl named Lucy, and he now has everything he wants. He has a family, control of the firm, and an understanding of who he really is. He can be friends with Stan the therapist rather than his patient, and he also doesn’t need Harvey and Donna to help run the firm anymore. Litt Wheeler Williams Bennett is the firm moving forward — that’s right, Katrina is now a name partner and Samantha has her job back! They get to move forward, just as everyone else did.

Cartermatt Verdict

Do we think that there are struggles ahead for some of these characters beyond the finale? Sure, and that is the nature of Suits as a whole. Yet, this finale was an exploration of everyone’s true selves and an opportunity to really find a degree of happiness that they haven’t had before. Harvey, Donna, and really everyone (other than Faye) got their happy ending, and Suits ended in a way that everyone can probably feel good about.

Now, we’ll just have that closing image of Harvey walking through the hallway of the firm ingrained in our brain forever.

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