Ink Master season 12 finale: Who won: Laura Marie or Dani Ryan?

Ink Master

Who won Ink Master season 12? Entering the finale tonight, Laura Marie, Dani Ryan, and Creepy Jason all squared off with the hopes of getting that grand prize and the title of Ink Master! They had their work cut out for them as they prepared for their final face-off since it’s not easy doing a back piece – but it’s even harder doing a piece that is not in your typical style and was chosen for you by people who are also competing for the same prize.

CarterMatt was at the finale in Vegas and we had a chance to interview Laura, Dani, and Jason in hopes of getting more insight from them as to what it took to put these tattoos together, and make no mistake, they all put in incredible effort to make their tattoo a winning piece. Think about the hours, the detail, the research (remember that Dani had never done biomech or a back piece before!) and the creative vision that went into all of them. Yet, for Jason tonight he found his back piece to be a little bit different from what the original ask was — or at least that was the reaction from the judges. He was supposed to deliver a black and grey realism piece, but it was leaning a bit too much into illustrative. That being said it was nice to have him in the finale, as he is one of the most talented visual artists that this show has ever seen. Are we surprised that he’s not the winner? Not so much, mostly because if you look at his past placement, he hasn’t always been at the top of the leaderboard. Sometimes, cumulative performance does come into play during the final episode with the judges.

With Laura Marie, meanwhile, you’re looking at someone who really had only been in danger once the whole season, and when you looked at her traditional Japanese piece, it was easy to see why the judges loved it as much as they did. It was a visual wonder, and we know from speaking with her that she studied extensively, interviewed artists who do the style regularly, and poured a lot into nailing the authenticity. She’s been the favorite all season long and now, Laura Marie is your Ink Master season 12 winner.

With that spelled out, let’s also give some love to Dani Ryan who killed it with  her tattoo! While she didn’t win, her biomech piece was intricate, creative, and incredibly impressive when you consider that she’d never done the style before entering the finale. There was no way to know if she would deliver, but she finished in second place and for a while it really looked like it could’ve gone either way. Oliver was the deciding vote and he really had a hard time choosing who was going to walk away with the title.

As for the coaches…

Ryan Ashley, at least in our mind, made pretty sure work of everyone as she dominated this and got herself a nice chunk of change. DJ Tambe finished in second, and these two will be spending a ton of time with each other moving into Ink Master: Grudge Match when it premieres on October 1.

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