Power season 6: Jerry Ferrara on Joe Proctor’s final shootout

Jerry FerraraOn tonight’s Power season 6 episode, the world of the show lost another key player — and it happened in a most violent fashion.

In the closing minutes of this installment, what you ended up seeing is Jerry Ferrara’s character of Joe Proctor find himself at the center of a shootout following a series of bad decisions. The best one he made is trying to care for his daughter; unfortunately, he surrounded that with ones that crossed so many ethical lines … in addition to crossing some of the wrong people. He put himself into a spot where there could be some serious consequences coming on his end, and those happened courtesy of Tommy. He was gunned down in Ghost’s home, but before he died, he knew what was coming. That’s why he even spoke with his daughter to have one last moment with her before he left the earth.

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So what did Ferrara have to say about that final scene, and saying goodbye to this character? Speaking via Entertainment Weekly, the actor discussed his goodbye openly:

One hundred percent [I was happy to go down swinging]. Because so many times you see the characters get killed off and they almost don’t know it’s coming, making it even more brutal. For me, I think Proctor knows that the end might be near. So I loved seeing him carry a gun and dive behind a couch and have a shootout with a Hall of Fame psychopath serial killer in Tommy, who I think he held his own against. And you got to see how much he really loved his daughter and would have done anything to protect her. He went from fear based to almost ready to accept what was coming his way once he knew his daughter was safe.

Maybe Proctor’s daughter will go on to have a future, but no doubt there are difficult times to come with her. That’s a consequence of losing both parents, flawed as they may be, within an extremely short period of time. she didn’t have time to mourn her mother and then, after that, her father was also gone.

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