Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Eviction + HoH expectations!

Big BrotherTonight marks the final four eviction show on Big Brother 21but we can go ahead within this piece and give you a good sense of some of what you can expect to see.

First and foremost, let’s say this: We are anticipating the eviction of Cliff Hogg to be a sure thing. We’ll give the man credit for fighting with every fabric of his being to stick around and buy himself some more life within the game, since we know that the odds are stacked against him. Is Cliff responsible for putting himself in this position? Absolutely. The irony here is that if he hadn’t pushed for some of these deals, Holly may have been Head of Household this week and he could’ve made final three over Nicole.

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Yet, he’s tried a multitude of arguments to stay. Take, for example, an emotional plea where he talks about how much he wants his family there on finale night. He’s also talked about what the money could mean to him and how, as a huge fan of the show, it would be great to have the full experience.

Last night, Cliff made what is his biggest and bravest ploy to try to stay in the game, doing his best to threaten Jackson with his jury vote if he chooses to cast a vote his way. While Cliff may not 100% mean it (he claims that he’ll be open-minded as a juror), he wants Jackson to think that evicting him is signing his own death warrant. We kinda understand where everyone is coming from when it comes to the frustration of the situation — Cliff’s upset that Jackson violated his “word,” which really was Jackson just trying to cover his butt by making as many deals to save himself as possible. In reality, Cliff should’ve just realized that there was no point in needs when Jackson was going to want to continue working with his showmance.

Meanwhile, Jackson should recognize that Cliff is just trying to play the game, and that maybe he hasn’t done the best job of acting holier-than-thou about why he “broke” a deal that, in his mind, Cliff and Nicole broke already by talking about evicting Holly at final five.

As for the HoH tonight, expect Part 1 to be endurance, and we’d give Holly the edge just because this is the sort of thing that she has shown herself to be very good at as of late.

What do you want to see on tonight’s Big Brother 21 episode?

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