American Horror Story 1984 episode 2 preview: The killings to come

American Horror Story: 1984If you’re interested in what’s coming on American Horror Story: 1984we like to think that the preview below provides that! Not only that, but there’s a little bit of extra insight in there on the remainder of the season, as well.

Aside from any individual events within the promo, we do think that this gives you a great sense of what we’re going to have this season in general: A crazy but (hopefully) entertaining journey through nostalgia with a lot of surprising moments along the way. We’re going to have a chance in here to see a summer camp turned inside-out because of the presence of a psychopath … or at least that’s what everyone has been led to believe. If we know one thing about horror-movie cliches, it’s that one of the biggest ones is always the notion that the killer is never someone you expect. It’s often a surprise that is waiting for you by the time you get halfway in.

Beyond just these elements, though, be prepared to also bear witness to a little bit more nostalgia — the outfits in this show are top-notch and between that and the music, this is a show that is bringing a vibe and a style that feels different from recent seasons. American Horror Story: Apocalypse had its moments of entertainment, but at the same time it was also extremely heavy. There was a lot of super-weighty stuff going on in there pretty much throughout.

Oh, and a lot of characters are going to die. We feel like you probably knew that already, but it still bears repeating: A lot of characters are going to die. We hope that it’s somewhat unexpected, and it’s not just the most-popular actors that are there in the end. This is the sort of show that does benefit from finding ways to lure you into some sort of false sense of security.

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