America’s Got Talent finale review: Kodi Lee, V.Unbeatable, & more

AGTTonight, the first part of the America’s Got Talent finale is bringing good acts aplenty to the stage — but only one can win! We’re going to take a look at all of the performances over the course of this episode, so be sure to come back throughout for more thoughts!

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Going into the finale, it felt like a two-act race between V.Unbeatable and Kodi Lee. Which one of them could end up being on top?

V.Unbeatable – Tonight, the show explained to a lot of people what VIKAS means on the back of their outfits. It also gave their act a little bit more weight, as Vikas was one of the founding members and he died following a performance that they gave. They also delivered another STELLAR outing.

Detroit Youth Choir – What we saw from them tonight was a reprisal of their audition, with a few different twists to go in there. We don’t really love hearing something we’ve already heard before in the final, but no doubt they killed it.

Emanne Beasha – Is she excellent at what she does? Definitely, but is it going to get anyone’s attention beyond how they already feel about her? We don’t know if this necessarily elevated anything beyond what we’ve seen from her already.

Ryan Niemiller – Guess what? He’s still funny, just as he has been all season. We’re not sure that the start of this worked because we’re not sure every viewer knows his “Cripple Threat” nickname. Nonetheless, this was very funny from start to finish.

Voices of Service – This was another powerful performance, for sure, one that contained a lot of the same great harmonies that we’ve heard from them over the years. They put a lot into this and they have all season, but we’re not going so far as to say they’re favorite.

Light Balance Kids – Without a doubt, the group continued to pack as much fun and entertainment into this performance that they could. What they are perhaps the best at is bringing the energy in every way that they can — alongside, of course, creative routines.

Benicio Bryant – He’s so unassuming, and that is a part of what makes his talents as a solo vocalist even better. He’s able to create some magic almost out of thin air and deliver performances that can easily stir the soul and move you — using just his voice and his guitar.

Tyler Butler-Figueroa – He’s an incredible musical prodigy for his age and while we’re not sure that he’s going to win the show, we do think that he’s well on his way to having a career as a traveling musician who can inspire SO many people.

Kodi Lee – He’s the favorite to win the show for a reason — think about his incredible voice, the emotion that he sings with, and also how he manages to inspire everyone who he comes into contact with. This was as good of a closing performance as he was going to give.

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