MasterChef season 10 finale video: Prepare for one more twist

MasterChefThe MasterChef season 10 finale is arriving on Fox tomorrow night, and it is more than just your standard final episode of the season. This has been a summer of milestones, so it’s only appropriate that the show decides to end for the year with its 200th installment.

What does that mean for the remaining three home cooks? We don’t really think that they probably spent that much time thinking about it. Nick, Sarah, and Dorian have some other priorities on their minds at the moment. After all, they’re trying to cook for the MasterChef Trophy, and all the glory that goes along with it. There’s also all of the friends and family that they are in front of as they take on the hardest challenge of their culinary career so far.

In the video below, you get at least the small sense of some of the stakes that the contestants are facing, as they are going to have to cook what is effectively the perfect meal. We don’t necessarily think on the surface that this finale is going to look or feel that much different than other finales we’ve seen. It’s the contestants that make it stand out more so than the format. With that being said, though, it does appear that there will be at least one big twist coming around the bend. These home cooks better be prepared for it, since this could be the thing that  keeps them from winning in the end. We know that there would be nothing more frustrating than making it this far, only to eventually come up short. Even if they are proud of their work, you still have that doubt rolling around in the back of your brain.

In the end, we’re excited to see what happens, and also what these 3 home cooks decide to do on the other side of this competition. We have seen at least enough over the years to know that MasterChef can be a springboard two home Cooks who work hard enough and really fit themselves out to become more than just reality TV stars. They can become a presence in the culinary world for some time in the future.

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