‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 spoilers: More on The Governor’s arrival

While we have blasted the pacing of “The Walking Dead” at times in the past, we’re not sure if there have been two episodes that have felt as slow as the ones that have already aired this season. However, it actually hasn’t had much to do with the story this time, and is rather just a product of our crazy anticipation to finally see The Governor on screen.

So what sort of madness do we expect him to create? According to TV Guide, he will become somewhat of a master at being a wolf in sheep’s clothing when Michonne and Andrea meet up with him on Sunday night’s new episode, and the major secret that the character has in the comics will not be reaveled just yet. However, there is something else rather fascinating that happens that is worth pointing out: he does have something else rather sinister hidden … or presumably even locked away. There’s no guarantee that we will find out what it is during this episode, but we will at least learn of its existence.

David Morrssey’s character is in many ways at the moment exactly what this show needed: a presence beyond just the walkers that all of the survivors truly feared. While not everyone in Rick’s camp was always on the same page as him (just ask Shane), they still usually had the best interests of at least one other person in the group at heart. Don’t expect to see this from The Governor at all this time. While he does have an entire community in Woodbury under his thumb, it is going to be made rather apparent early on here that there is really just one person above all else that he is watching out for: himself.

Are you ready to see this guy in action?

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