America’s Got Talent finale rankings: Kodi Lee, V.Unbeatable, and more!

AGTThe America’s Got Talent finale is almost here! In just a few days’ time, the remaining ten acts are going to take to the stage in hopes of impressing and getting themselves the title — and, of course, the money that goes along with it.

So who are the best contenders to take this home in the end? Within this article, we’re doing our best to offer up rankings of everyone in the field! We’re doing this on the basis of performance quality, but then also host voters for this show tend to vote at this stage. We do think that it has to matter when you get to this point. We also have a video below where we got through this a little bit more — once you do that, subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube and also view our full show playlist.

10. Ndlovu Youth Choir – They may be a personal favorite to finish top five, but at the same time they face a lot of obstacles on their way to get there. Think along the lines of needing some assistance from the judges in the first two rounds.

9. Emanne Beasha – No doubt she is sensational, and we absolutely think that she could finish as high up as #6 or #5 on the season. Yet, what is she going to deliver that is going to dramatically alter some of our previous expectations? That’s where things start to be a little unclear.

8. Light Balance – What they are bringing to the table first and foremost is some exceptional performance quality for their age — not only that, but their choreography was great this past time! Their #1 drawback is just that we’ve seen so much of this before.

7. Ryan Niemiller – He got into the finals on the back of the Dunkin’ Save, and the biggest thing working for him now is that he is SO different from every other act. Just by virtue of standing out, he may have a great chance at finishing higher than expectations.

6. Voices of Service – While they’ve been able to advance this far without any save supporting them, do they have the power or the memorability, save for their incredible story, necessary to make it into the top 3?

5. Detroit Youth Choir – They’ve been exceptional — they’re that mix of talent and inspiration that you always love to see on this particular show. The big challenge that they will find moving forward is simply getting another top-level routine together within just one week!

4. Tyler Butler-Figueroa – While a violinist has never won America’s Got Talent, never say never! He’s been impressive so far in just breathing passion and excitement into all of his routines — along with musicianship and song choices that tie into his story.

3. Benicio Bryant – When in doubt, always favor individual singers — Benicio has everything that you would want in a darkhorse contender, from a likable personality to a fantastic voice and a great sense of originality.

2. V.Unbeatable – This is where things get interesting, since in our mind it’s a two-act race. We’d argue that V.Unbeatable has delivered incredible performances as of late and could easily win. Our concern is that group dance/acrobatic acts don’t win this show.

1. Kodi Lee – Meanwhile, solo singers win AGT often … and we’d say that Kodi is as talented a singer as anyone this season, but then you add to that his story and his overall popularity. We’re not guaranteeing a win for him, but there’s a reason to think he could win this.

Who do you want to see win America’s Got Talent season 14?

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