The Walking Dead season 10 teaser amplifies Whisperer threat

Walking Dead season 8The Walking Dead season 10 is going to be arriving onto AMC come Sunday, October 6 — are you ready for more chaos?

The latest teaser promo released by AMC chooses to lean mostly into one thing above all else, and that is the massive threat that the Whisperers are bringing to this world. As a matter of fact, a big chunk of the promo below is hyping up these characters as harbingers of doom, of characters who are eager to smile and watch the rest of the known universe descend into chaos. Their way of living is one without discernible rules that any typical survivor would understand. They are creepy, they are violent, and they hold nothing back.

What this preview does a great job of in general is making sure that the villains are amplified more so than anything else — in other words, it does a great job of doing what every promo for The Walking Dead should do at this point. While there are still cast members to hype including Danai Gurira, Norman Reedus, and Melissa McBride, you’ve seen all of them for so many seasons. A good promo for this show should feature them, but also what they are up against. That’s why we have seen more marketing in recent years of Big Bads like Negan and now the Whisperers. It’s a way to nodding to the source material, while also continuing to expose viewers to a whole lotta carnage. We’ve already seen the Whisperers on the show, so it’s not like they are newcomers. Nonetheless, there is still something very compelling about getting to see them in all of their violence and carnage.

If this teaser serves as any indicator, The Walking Dead season 10 is going to be chaotic … and there’s going to be a lot for fans to like across the board. Oh, and we’re also going to probably see people die. That can’t be forgotten at some point along the way here.

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