Snowfall season 3 finale: The reinvention of Franklin

Snowfall season 3 episode 2Coming into the Snowfall season 3 finale, it was pretty darn clear that there was going to be some big stuff going down. We never believed that Franklin was going to die per se, but it was clear that the world leaving the show was going to be very much different from the world going in.

Within the world of this show, you don’t quite abandon the person you were. Instead, you learn to evolve in order to become the person you want to be. That’s where the closing minutes of the season 3 finale found Franklin, as he found himself in a position where he contemplated working alongside the government to covertly use its resources for his own personal gain. He recognizes now that this will enable him to both detect threats and also mask his own dealing — it’s far from “if you can’t beat them, join them,” since he’s almost joining them  in order to beat them. 

One of the things that Franklin realized in season 3 is that his currently equilibrium cannot work anymore. If he continues to go about things in the way in which he is currently doing them, he is setting himself up to fail. He was too big for the life that he was living and had to find another way. He was almost at a crossroads — continue to set himself up to fail, take advantage of the opportunity to move far away and start over, and go behind door #3. That’s to use the government and a prospective position to his own advantage, and that is what he could be doing now moving forward.

With all of this in mind, it feels like Snowfall season 4 is setting itself up for a dramatic reinvention, a show that could look and feel very different with Franklin working in a different way in order to continue along his operation. We’re excited about the risk — just as we are any risk. This is the wrtiers recognizing that they don’t want to settle. They want these characters to change, just in the way that few people would embrace being constant throughout their entire lives.

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