‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 3: Yani Gellman talks [spoiler]

Just when you think someone’s story could be turning around, it finally ends up ending worse than ever; this is often the case on “Pretty Little Liars,” and we truly saw this courtesy of the latest person to lose their life during Tuesday night’s Halloween special. Want to remain unspoiled about it? You should probably stop reading now.

Mere minutes after he told Aria that there was a conversation between Alison DiLaurentis and Byron Montgomery in the backyard that could very well change everything, it was none other than Yani Gellman’s character of Officer Garrett who was found dead inside of a box with Aria. It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that he was killed by someone within the “A Team,” but what is a bit more of a mystery was if there was something else that he knew about that night that led to his death.

For fans, the good news is that you may not have seen the last of Garrett yet, at least when it comes to the show. Speaking in a new interview with TV Guide, Gellman explained why his death was necessarily, and also touched on if we will be seeing more of the Officer at some point in the past:

“[Marlene King] said my character will probably appear in flashbacks, so I’ll still have a connection to the show. But for Marlene — and really all of us — the story comes first and the fans come first. So anything that serves that is what needs to be done, and I think my character played a pivotal role in pushing the story forward. In this episode in particular, he got to unveil a whole other layer to the mystery.”

Garrett has become a major part of the show thanks to his multiple appearances, and with that in mind, he will be missed. Then again, you can also say the same thing about some other people currently six feet under including Maya, Ian, and of course our leading lady.

Do you like the way that Garrett went out, especially since he was ultimately cleared of any wrongdoing?

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