Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Veto Ceremony results (day 83)

Big Brother 21 CastThe Veto Ceremony is wrapping up today within the Big Brother 21 house so for the sake of this article, we come bearing results!

Entering the Veto Ceremony today, one of the things that we certainly expected was to see Nicole go ahead and use the Power of Veto on Cliff. In taking him off the block what that would mean is that Holly would go up by default. It’s one of those quirks that happens at the final five in the game when someone vetoes one of two people who are sitting up on the block.

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Nicole did Veto Cliff off of the block today, which means that we’ve got a Holly vs. Tommy showdown coming up. This is where things start to get all the more interesting entering the remainder of the week. We’re going to see these two square off with campaigns, but Nicole secretly wants Tommy to stay and Holly/Jackson don’t know about it! The two are so worried with their own showmance (they’ve been fighting a lot since Holly’s wine party last night) that they aren’t keeping their eyes on the prize. They need to be working to make Nicole feel good and keeping her away from Tommy — but they’re not doing it.

What Jackson and Holly need to do at the moment is go to Cliff and Nicole and tell them the truth about Tommy and Christie knowing each other. Tommy disclosed it to the showmance this past weekend for some strange reason — he was probably trying to justify working with Christie since they don’t like her, but still, the timing of it was way off. Also, now Jackson and Holly can use this to show Nicole that keeping Tommy in the game is bad since Christie will fight with every fabric of her being in order to give him the win. It’s the biggest ace that they have and if they don’t use it, they are clueless.

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