Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: Veto Ceremony preparation (day 82)

Big Brother 21The Veto Ceremony is coming up tomorrow within the Big Brother 21 house, so what can you anticipate seeing over the course of it? Within this article, let’s do our part to spotlight that further!

Let’s kick things off here with some of what we know at the moment — Nicole is for sure taking Cliff off the block. That is 100% certain, as she’s made that clear to him from the moment that she won it. From there, Holly will then go up on the block as replacement nominee. There’s a good chance that she will stay, but there are serious considerations to her leaving.

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One of the things that is so interesting about the state of the campaign right now is just how comfortable Holly and Jackson are … in comparison, of course, to how uncomfortable Tommy is in the game. He’s the one who is spending most of his time talking with Nicole and trying to campaign to her — this matters a lot at the moment since he can make headway with her.

On a few different occasions this evening, we saw Tommy talk with Nicole, where she did what she could in order to insist that she is making this move. Tommy, as a result of that, is saying the right things and making it clear that if he stays, he will target Jackson next if he wins the final four Veto. He’s doing what he can in order to make Nicole comfortable — which is, for the record, the best thing that he could possibly do within this situation. You always want to do what you can in order to ease minds before a big vote.

Here is the big struggle when it comes to this plan for Nicole — she still has to figure out a way in order to ensure that Cliff is on board with the idea. He hasn’t professed any loyalty to that for the time being; he’s still making up his mind.

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