Madam Secretary season 6: What will Henry McCord’s story be?

Madam SecretaryMoving into Madam Secretary season 6, we’ve heard a few things now about Elizabeth McCord. Take, for example, the very-big news that she is going to be President of the United States! While we’ll see some flashbacks of the time Elizabeth was on the campaign trail, the writers and producers decided to opt more for a story of hope in the final season than one just wrapping itself in political in-fighting and other stuff that can come with a campaign.

So with Elizabeth now serving as POTUS, that means many other changes! We’ve talked already about some of the series regulars departing the series (at least in terms of their full-time status), and that’s understandable — a former Secretary of State wouldn’t have the same office around her in her new position. But what about Henry McCord? We know that he’s got a new title of his own — First Gentleman. It’s an exciting position to hold, but one that means that Henry can’t quite do the same thing that he has in the past. He’ll have to adjust his responsibilities, and hopefully, he’ll end up being more than okay to do so.

Speaking via TVLine, series star Tea Leoni did her part to tease some of what Tim Daly’s character could be up to when the show returns:

“He has a full roster of duties and a chief of staff … Some First Ladies have made tremendous strides for our culture, for our well-being in that position, and I have no doubt that Henry McCord will do a fine job.”

Basically, this suggests that Henry is going to find himself a platform and use that to try and enact change. He doesn’t have any major executive or legislative power, but he does have the ability to influence and inspire. He can raise awareness, offer counsel, and also make sure that the traditions of the White House are kept. He’s going to be valuable to the show, and given Henry’s history and past positions, we have a feeling he’ll get himself mixed up in a few different crises as well. Madam Secretary is a show full of difficult political binds, and we like to think that the entire McCord family is at this point adept at working their way out of them.

Luckily, we’ll have a chance to see how everything is going to unfold when Madam Secretary premieres in just a matter of weeks!

What do you want to see when it comes to Henry’s Madam Secretary season 6 story?

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