ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 5 spoilers: First video of Rick’s arrest!

Usually, we try to save all “Castle”-related sneak peeks for a mass article that we post the weekend before the episode airs. Given that last night sadly left us devoid of a new installment, however, it really only felt appropriate that we share a little something for the time being to get you that much more excited about what is airing on Monday in “Probable Cause.”

Based on the video below, we do have a pretty good feeling that your eyes are going to be glued to the TV set in just six days. For whatever reason, there is going to be a substantial amount of evidence that leads to Nathan Fillion’s character not only having his apartment searched, but also him put in handcuffs. This would certainly not be the sort of thing that would be easy for anyone to handle, but it has to be especially difficult in this situation, given that Castle’s own girlfriend in Beckett is involved in the arrest. Not only that, but he looks as though there are snails crawling out of the detectives’ ears when they bring up the possibility that he got a cashiers’ check and went to purchase an incredibly expensive piece of jewelry.

We are still feeling pretty optimistic at the moment that Castle will make it out of this episode without any major bumps or bruises to his reputation, but it may take a little while to clear his name up. At the moment, we only see there being two potential explanations as for what is going on here: either he is lying about purchasing the necklace, or someone is trying to set him up as a killer.

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