Ink Master interview: Cam Pohl reflects on competition, tattoos, perception as threat

Cam PohlIf you look back on Ink Master season 12 a few months from now, odds are Cam Pohl is going to be one of the first names that comes to mind. He was outspoken, a frequent target, and found himself involved in several big storylines this season. Yet, he also showed himself to be a very strong artist, making it to the final six and proving himself despite being one of the less-experienced guys in the competition this season.

Curious to know what Cam has to say about his exit, his tattoos, and being targeted so much? Check out this week’s interview below.

Jessica Carter – How are you feeling about your time on the show looking back?

Cam Pohl – It’s strange because now that I’m watching the show as it airs, I’m seeing the perspectives of people that I thought I was close with during my time there and that definitely brings up some interesting feelings. But looking back, of course I’m going to wish I could have done things a bit differently to change the outcome. I wouldn’t have acted all that different or anything though, I stayed pretty true to myself and I’m content with that.

Did you feel like you had a harder challenge this season because you were targeted so much?

I definitely feel like my road was a bit rougher than most this season. It sucks too, because I could definitely feel the mental drain of constantly having to fight a losing battle and it ended up showing in my work. I don’t want to make excuses for anything or for why it ended the way it did, I’m just overall disappointed in myself for how things ended.

Why do you think people were so threatened by you?

I think as far as personalities go, mine tends to be a little polarizing. I really strongly connect with those who give me the time of day, and I love getting to know people. Unfortunately, most people don’t choose to see past my exterior of cocky banter and excessively tight shirts.

That tattoo were you the most proud of?

I really enjoy the cross-stitch hamsa I did. It was such a difficult day for so many of the artists and a lot more in line of what I thought the show was going to consist of. It was an “out of left field” style that nobody was going in prepared for, and it really tested our ability to adapt to something we’d never done before.

Do you think the judges ultimately made the wrong decision sending you out?

I don’t think there’s anyone out there, if they were being totally honest with themselves, that would agree with the judges’ choices. Hell, even Dani herself knew she should have gone home. But at the end of the day it’s a reality TV show and the cards fell as they did.

Is there a style you wish you had a chance to showcase?

I think I went in to the competition thinking we were going to be pushed a lot harder with varying styles than we were. I’ve spent a lot of time working on a lot of different styles but they always seem to focus on the most generic ones possible. I’d have loved a geometric blackwork day or something like those 3D “sticker” tattoos you see so much of these days. There’s so much out there to push the envelope with and yet we were there acting like “Neotraditional” was a crazy style nobody was prepared for.

How can people contact you for a tattoo appointment?

I handle all of my business inquiries through my website,, but booking appts at home has become quite the handful due to all of the overflow from the show. Definitely watch out for my travel dates and hop in to a convention with me! They’re such a fun environment and you can usually get tattooed a bit sooner. I’m also on Instagram @campohltattoos.

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