Ink Master interview: Holli Marie on elimination, strong showing, and more

Holli MarieThrough most of Ink Master season 12, you could consider Holli Marie to be one of the biggest contenders to win the season. She found herself constantly praised for her art, and it wasn’t until the past couple of weeks where she found herself in danger. Yet, last week’s episode marked her undoing as a result of one of the best challenges of the whole season. Everyone did so well that it was hard to send anyone home, but it was her time per the judges.

Below, you can see some of what Holli has to say to us about her time on Ink Master this season, her elimination, and what sort of art she wished she had an opportunity to do more of.

CarterMatt – Is it frustrating to leave on a challenge like that, where almost all of the tattoos across the board received good reviews?

Holli Marie – I was just happy I went out with a bang. Neither of the tattoos I went home on were considered bad tattoos at all, unfortunately it’s just at the point of the competition where even good tattoos go home.

Do you think the variety of your tattoos should have been taken into account?

I definitely think the variety of my tattoos should have been taken into account. I followed the challenge and showed that I can step out of my comfort zone and do styles I don’t do, which is what an Ink Master does.

Is it gratifying knowing you made it so far, or frustrating knowing you were pretty close to the end?

I’m super proud of myself for making it to the top three women. That being said it is also upsetting that I was so close to winning it all! But in the end, no matter how things turned out I am very happy with how I did and I think I proved to myself and the world that I’m a strong tattooer and that is the most important thing to me.

How did the team aspect of the season impact your game?

It definitely threw me off at first, I’ve never collaborated with anyone before and I certainly have never depended on other tattooers to get me through a competition. Tattooing is not really a team sport so relying on other individuals who I’ve never met or knew anything about was a culture shock for sure. But I made a lot of friends and formed a lot of bonds with my teammates that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Is there any style of art you wish you had a chance to do?

I definitely wish I could have shown more of my black and grey and even watercolor even though we all know how much the judges despise watercolor tattoos!

What did you take away from this season the most?

Competing this season, I definitely took away a more artistic stance then I entered with and that to me is so beneficial to my work. Sometimes as an artist you can get stagnant even if you don’t think you are, and this competition threw a lot at me and really made me think in new ways and forced me to step back and look at my art differently which is huge. I feel like since the show my style and my design process and style has changed a lot, and it’s all for the better!

How can someone reach out to you about getting a tattoo?

The best way to reach out to me about getting tattooed is to head to my website, and fill out a consultation form! You can also view my work, check my travel schedule and shop my merch! Find me on Insta @hollimarieart.

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