Outlander season 5: The latest production progress report!

Outlander season 4How far along is Outlander season 5 in filming, at least in terms of episodes? It’s not often that we get specific updates on the subject. Why? Well, for starters, there’s no incentive for the show to give frequent reports to the public — typically, it’s a situation of “it’s done when it’s done,” and all signs point towards the show wrapping production before the arrival of the holidays.

Now, we’ve got some more potential verification on that subject. In a new post on Instagram (see below), Brianna herself in Sophie Skelton confirmed that the Starz drama is getting set to embark on its fifth block of episodes — the read-through is what kicks production off! Typically, a production block for a show like Outlander consists of a couple of episodes, so the easy assumption to make here is that the team is beginning work on episodes 9 and 10 of the new season. They are pretty far along at this point, and also about right on schedule. It’s taken them just under five months to craft the first eight episodes, and that suggests to us that they will easily be able to get together the final four episodes over the next three. Typically with Outlander, filming wraps at least a couple of months before the show premieres … and such is the case here.

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Unfortunately, we’re at that point in the season now where it’s hard to get too many specifics beyond just how many episodes the show is in production. Even if Outlander is based on a best-selling book series, there’s little incentive to give away events from The Fiery Cross. We imagine that the tensions will be intensifying leading up to the start of the Revolutionary War this season, and that we are going to be building up for an endgame that is violent, dramatic, and also has a few surprises even for book readers. One of the biggest ones could be whatever happens to Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix), given that the character died in the books long ago.

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