American Horror Story: 1984 video: Will the villain be an ax murderer?

American Horror Story: 1984If you watch a lot of horror movies, there is a good chance already that you are familiar with ax murderers. They are about as much of a consistent trope for the genre as you’re going to come by. There’s just something so bloody about having these sort of murders happen onscreen, which is probably why FX is leaning into them with the new American Horror Story: 1984 promos that they’ve released below.

If you look at these previews, the obvious central takeaway is that the show wants you to be prepared for some sort of typical killer at summer camp — the kind that you’ve seen in so many slasher films over the years. Based on the way in which 1984 is being promoted, it feels absolutely fair to go ahead and expect some sort of nefarious criminal to come through, swinging an ax at just about every opportunity.

Now that we’ve said that, though, let’s also state the following: We would be shocked if American Horror Story: 1984 concluded with this killer still being the one at the center of the story. You see, one of the things that this franchise most love to do is get you thinking one thing, and then turning around and giving you a little bit of the opposite. We have a feeling that the new season will start with the story being all about a classic horror whodunnit, only for this murder to give way to a larger murderer.

Or, what if the ax murderer is someone hired or taught by someone else at the show’s mythical Camp Redwood? We have to go ahead and consider all possibilities for the future of this story, and we think that hiding a Bigger Bad behind the Big Bad is a smart way to do it.

Ultimately, you’re going to get all of the answers you seek when American Horror Story: 1984 premieres on FX a little bit later this month. Just don’t be prepared to get all of these answers right away. These things do take time.

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