The Blacklist season 7 promo: Katarina interrogates Reddington!

The Blacklist season 7We’d heard some scuttlebutt that the first The Blacklist season 7 promo was going to surface online today and now, we’re pleased to report that it’s here!

If you look below, you can take a first look at the clip, which starts off seemingly right from the end of the season 6 finale. We know that Katarina was injected by Raymond Reddington — or, at least we think that it is Katarina. Reddington seems to believe that it’s her based on some of what he’s saying, and we see at the end of this promo Raymond trapped against a fence while Katarina claims that he is going to tell her everything that she wants to know.

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Perhaps the most interesting part of this promo, though, is the fact that Katarina seems to be drawing his blood. Why do that? Is it a measure of getting to know who he truly is? This could be the first major shred of evidence that this isn’t Ilya, and she wants to find out who he is. Maybe this is a way to do that, but his blood would have to be a match somewhere in terms of DNA for that to work. Another idea here is that maybe she needs his blood for something — remember that Reddington seemed to be sick in season 6? That could be a foundation for something more that happens here.

Beyond what’s going on with Reddington and Katarina, there’s another important component here — the search for Reddington by Liz and the task force. Dembe is the first person who clues in Liz that Reddington is gone and, with that, it’s going to be up to her in order to track him down. She asks for help from the Task Force, and we do like to think that they are going to oblige. The question we wonder is this — how long is Katarina going to evade detection and hold Reddington hostage? She seemed to be prepared to meet him, and she probably has some sort of plan arranged to ensure that she can’t be found.

Yet, we do wonder what Reddington has that Katarina wants to know — and that may be a measure of determining his identity, as well.

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