‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Scoop on Dianna Agron, Eli C., and One Direction

Late last night, “Glee” master of the universe Ryan Murphy sat down for what was really a pretty extensive Q&A session talking about anything and everything related to the show. So what did we get from it? Let’s just say that there are some pretty interesting storylines coming up that lead to conflict … and also some fun.

First things first, let’s kick things off with the news that Dianna Agron’s Quinn is going to return to McKinley High later this year with a new boyfriend. However, it’s going to be someone that at least one of her fellow graduates is not really going to be that happy about. What are the possibilities? We’ll let you do a process of elimination to figure this one out, since it really should not be all that hard given that there is no reason for the likes of Santana to be upset over someone that she is dating from Yale that she would not even know…

Surprisingly, Murphy also said that we are going to meet Eli C., who at this moment is the most-hated character we know nothing about in television history thanks to his role more or less in splitting up Kurt and Blaine. Thus far, all we literally know about him is his name, but Murphy added here that he looks nothing like Kurt.

Finally, fans of all things music should be pleased to know that “Glee” is going to be covering another One Direction song at Regionals, and that he really wants to do a version of “Seasons of Love” from the musical “Rent.” It’s all pretty good stuff, though we also learned from this chat that there still are plenty of shippers who are still angry at some break-ups that are probably not permanent.

What do you want to see happen moving forward this season?

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