The Sacred Riana performs on Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions

Britain's Got Talent: The ChampionsWhile The Sacred Riana may not have been a household name in all of Britain leading into Britain’s Got Talent: The Championsshe is worldwide. We’re talking here about one of the most famous Asia’s Got Talent contestants ever and an America’s Got Talent alum who should’ve made it further on her season. Why did she? It’s because people were genuinely afraid of her.

Moving into Riana’s performance on Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions tonight, we had no idea what she was going to do. Her act is so much based on fear, and one thing that was different right away was communication. We feel like there was more speaking from her in this act than any of her America’s Got Talent performances to date, but also still plenty of fear. She used Amanda Holden in order to conjure the spirit of a man named “Tom.”

For some reason, poor Amanda Holden gets continually terrified during acts like this and tonight’s episode was no exception. Riana used her in order to execute the trick. There was a mentalism element to this, and while we’ve seen a lot of these acts over the years, Riana excels mostly via her stage presence and her creativity. Also, she tells stories with her acts — as she said at the end of the performance tonight, “this is not the end. This is the beginning.” The problem is that if she doesn’t advance, she doesn’t get to tell the remainder of the story.

The problem with an act on this show is mostly that Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions has a ridiculous format that they use in order to determine who advances. They only select a small percentage of people to move forward — one via the judges, and another via the “superfans” who are in attendance in the audience. This means that there are a lot of great acts who don’t have an opportunity to move forward.

Alas for Riana, she did not end up making it through — after Kseniya Simonova ended up winning the Golden Buzzer, Bello & Annaliese Nock were surprisingly put through by the superfans over the original champion Paul Potts.

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