‘Homeland’ season 2 spoilers: A reflection and a look ahead

Are you still reeling from what happened on “Homeland” Sunday? If so, it’s really hard to blame you considering that, in the words of Morena Baccarin in the video below, we basically saw something happened that could have very well functioned as the end of the show if it was conducted by other people watching the show.

So where do we go now that Brody is under arrest from the CIA? This is the question that Baccarin asks, as she also discusses how allegiance is probably going to play a pretty critical role in anything that happens from here on out with Damian Lewis’ character. One interesting question that we have is whether or not he can be swayed again to another side, especially after you consider that he was indoctrinated to accept the philosophy of Abu Nazir after forming a bond while being captured by him. If he is kept behind bars long enough, will he change? Or, will he even open up about anything?

The other issue that remains a touchy subject is just how the CIA is going to be able to address Brody being completely off the grid. After all, you’re not looking at a man here who is going to be forgotten; he’s a Congressman, a husband, and a father, and while there have been questions before about what he is up to, they are going to sound some alarms now more than ever before.

How do you think that Brody’s absence is really going to be handled here moving forward, and do you think they will ever get a further confession to come out of his lips?

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