‘Gossip Girl’ review: Serena and Blair’s great fashion fiasco

Just from the first half of this week’s “Gossip Girl” alone, you knew that whatever happened during this episode, it was not going to end particularly well. In an effort to try and salvage her “dream” fashion show at the last minute, Blair tried to call in a favor from the last person that she should feasibly be asking one from: Serena. What unfolded here was a rather delightful case of things turning from bad to worse surprisingly quickly.

When Serena initially turned down the offer to appear in the fashion show, she really did so with the argument that she was too busy looking out for her new boyfriend Steven and her daughter Sage. However, she thought that she came up with a way to fix the situation so really everyone would end up winning. Rather than her walking in the show herself, Blake Lively’s character decided instead to convince Blair to take on Sage. What a bad decision that was.

What really unfolded from here was a classic case of Serena really putting her trust in all the wrong people. As a way to rebel against both her father and his new girlfriend, Sage decided to make a public spectacle by stripping down while on the runway, to the gasps of everyone considering that she is minor. This led to Steven leaving, Serena melting down, and Blair trying to pretend as though everything was okay. Blair became an embarrassment to fashion reporters everywhere, and Serena and Steven did somehow manage to stay together as Sage became more of a pariah than ever.

In other news, life was hardly any better for Nate as he realized that Dan had decided to publish the rest of his serial in Vanity Fair, and he was also still dealing with the same ol’ problems courtesy of Rufus and Ivy. It was a fairly exciting episode, and the final scene involving Dan was something that served as a welcome reminder of what a tool he has become (even if that was not made apparent already).

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