The Resident season 3 promo: The ambition of Dr. Barrett Cain

The ResidentAre you ready for The Resident season 3 to premiere on Fox this fall? We’re psyched for many reasons, and meeting Barrett Cain is one.

Morris Chestnut is going to be playing the character on this show, and what we know about him at the moment is pretty simple: He is as ambitious of a doctor as they come. This is someone who enters the hospital with a lot of skills, a lot of intelligence, and also a lot of arrogance. He’s used to getting virtually whatever he wants within the medical field and it’s going to be rather difficult for him to think with a different mindset in mind as Chastain.

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Do we think that he wants to help patients? Sure, as we don’t think that he’s necessarily entering the field with some sort of dastardly plan to ruin lives and cause pain and suffering. Yet, he’s also out to get ahead within his career to a certain extent … as evidenced by what you see in the promo below. In this, you learn that Dr. Cain has no problem bringing in patients in for the optics — including some that are almost impossible to save. Just by having the audacity to take some of these patients on, you’re building up a little bit of attention towards yourself and your effects.

Ultimately, we’re curious to see exactly what happens over the course Dr. Cain’s story on The Resident season 3, especially since we know that this show loves to showcase a wide array of people within the medical profession. In the early days, the main rivalry was between Conrad and Dr. Bell, and we do think there is a lot still going on there. Yet, these two men understand each other a little bit better now, and that means the time is right to bring in some other folks to stir things up.

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