‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Jessica Sanchez will shoot episodes in…

With there being so little happening at the moment when it comes to “American Idol” at the moment, we’re going to forgo our typical show notes for the day to focus on something a little more specific: Jessica Sanchez on “Glee.” When this news became official, we speculated that this gig would  start fiming in January. Why then? It all comes down to a matter of logistics, as Sanchez is going to spend the rest of the year working on and releasing her freshman album. By the time that she does start filming the show, the timing will be perfect for it to capitalize on the “American Idol” lead-in, and will be able to use this as a platform to promote some of her music that is already out there in the marketplace.

So what else does Jessica have to say about this booking, especially when it comes to how it came about? Speaking in a new interview with E! News from the Carousel of Hope Ball, she pretty much equates it to a dream coming true:

“We met up with Ryan Murphy … I guess he found me interesting after that, and now I’m going to be on Glee. It’s amazing. It’s awesome.”

As for who she is going to play on the show, the jury is still out there; and while we know that there is going to be a love interest for Finn coming up, it’s as we said before: there’s no way that Murphy wants to promote a 16-year old actresses getting with someone nearly double her age, even if their fictional characters would not have nearly so wide a divide.

Are you excited to see just who Jessica ends up playing?

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