‘Mad Men’ season 6: Where does Christina Hendricks want to see the show go?

We have already reported that Christina Hendricks has already received the first script for the upcoming sixth season of “Mad Men,” and we are now hearing some more thoughts about something else: where she would like to see the go moving forward into what should be the show’s final years (at least if the current plans hold).

When you look at a number of other series (think “Desperate Housewives,” “True Blood,” “Dexter” or even this show between seasons 4 and 5), there is a temptation to jump the setting forward by a year or sometimes long between seasons. However, Hendricks claims (per The Sun) that she would like to see the show move forward even further than that, even all the way to where Joan, Don, and the rest of the characters would be two decades down the line:

“It would be funny to do a reunion set in the Eighties. I guess there would be craziness but our characters would be older so I don’t know how much high jinks we’d be involved in. It’s crazy that there is only one year left of Mad Men after the [season] we are filming at the moment … We originally had a five-year deal and we renegotiated for two more years because the creator said, ‘I think it’ll be done by season seven.'”

All in all, seven seasons seems like the perfect amount of time for a show like this to run. By the time we get around to that point, it will be at the natural sort of conclusion where we do not want to see the show dragged on for so long that we no longer care about anyone. Luckily, the show’s seasons of around 12 episodes are short enough so that by the time they do come around again, it’s been a while since we saw them last on the screen.

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