Big Brother 21 live feed spoilers: The plan before Veto Ceremony

Big BrotherWhat’s going to happen at the Veto Ceremony in the Big Brother 21 house tomorrow? Within this article, let’s do our part to start to break some of this down.

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Over the past 24 hours or so, we’ve seen Nick do whatever he can in order to ensure that he has a better chance of staying around. He doesn’t think that he will have the Power of Veto used on him, so instead, he’s been pushing this idea of having the Power of Veto used on Christie. That way, there can be someone else on the block that he has a better chance of beating. He’s recognizing that Tommy wouldn’t vote to keep him in this current configuration, mostly because he’s desperate.

The problem that he’s running into at the moment is that Holly and Jackson don’t have any interest in keeping Nick in the game. They’ve rebuffed most of his attempts and while we don’t think there is a way to get through to him, anything can still happen within the game. He’s even admitted that he was a Prankster in order to ensure that he could get some more support, but even that hasn’t worked. He’s up a strategic cliff without a paddle.

Honestly, we think that Nick’s better argument right now wouldn’t just been to get the Veto used on him and then allow Holly to nominate someone like Jessica — it would take some diehard throwing of Christie under the bus in order for it to happen, and that could include finding some unique, surprising way to throw her under the bus. That’s not always the easiest thing to do since if you get caught in a lie, it only damages your game further.

Tonight, Nick is complaining to Nicole about his status, and about Cliff’s game — though he’s barking up the wrong tree in complaining about Cliff.

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