The OA star, EP responds to season 3 petitions, campaigns

The OA

At this point, you’ve probably heard the bad news: The OA is canceled, and Netflix isn’t going to be bringing the sci-fi series back. The cancellation is a disappointment, and it’s a testament to the streaming service’s habit of taking out shows far beyond their determined “time.” It’s a hard pill for so many people out there to swallow.

One of the things that we’ve been left to wonder is simply this: Would The OA have been more successful if it was a weekly series? A part of its problem has been that it comes and goes so fast within the Netflix spin cycle, where new episodes come out and bunches and then disappear. That doesn’t give a show like this a chance to build momentum.

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Ever since the cancellation first came out, we’ve seen fans of The OA take to the internet and rally in order to give the show another opportunity — another life on the air. We’ve seen petitions, Twitter campaigns, and more, and while we’d like to say that it could be back, we also recognize that it’s a big ask. One Day at a Time is the only Netflix property to be saved by a broadcast/cable network, and with the content of The OA, its choices are a little bit more limited than some of the average canceled shows out there. Because of streaming rights, finding another streaming platform home could be difficult.

Yet, no matter how hard the battle, there are still those who can be in control of the show moving forward — the fans. They become the shepherds of the future of The OA more so than anyone. This story and its themes can live on, whether it be in fan creations or in the minds of its viewers. That is a sentiment echoed in an Instagram post by star/executive producer Brit Marling, who made it clear how touched she was by some of the campaigns that are out there. Not only that, but she touched on the difficulties of creativity in a capitalistic society and how to reverberate the messages of the show moving forward. It’s a beautiful message, one we highly recommend checking out.

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