‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 video: Finally, The Governor!

After seeing so little of Andrea and Michonne during the first two episodes of “The Walking Dead” this season, there’s finally some good news to report: they are set to burst onto the scene in a big way for Sunday night’s new episode.

Finally, we are set to see the true arrival of these two characters to the town of Woodbury, a society in which everything on the surface appears to be relatively normal. However, there is a beast lying underneath the surface, and his name is The Governor. He’s undoubtedly one of the most evil creatures inside of the Robert Kirkman graphic novels, and is far worse than any of the mindless walkers that are not really acting with any sort of thought outside of a desire for human flesh.

So how faithful is this character going to be to the source material? What we know thus far is that David Morrissey’s character will indeed be just as evil as just about everyone would expect, but it may take a little while for him to really rise to the full extent of his potential. Why? We are a little bit earlier on in the evolution of this character than we were back when we first met him in the graphic novels, so perhaps we will see a little bit more as to why he became the man that he is a little bit later on.

Are you more excited about this episode than the first two of the season, even if the focus is a little less on Rick and the members of his camp? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below!

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