Grey’s Anatomy EP takes on ABC for Sean Spicer – Dancing with the Stars gig

Dancing with the StarsIt’s not often that you see a network employee take their parent company to task for a given decision, but we’re absolutely seeing it now with Grey’s Anatomy showrunner Krista Vernoff making her thoughts very clear about Sean Spicer being a part of Dancing with the Stars.

In a post on Twitter, Vernoff strongly criticized the casting, stating “I deeply abhor this decision by the company I work for and truly love. This man lied daily, to our faces, and made a mockery of our country. This is not cause for celebration or celebrity. It’s not too late to change this plan.” Vernoff’s criticism comes after a number of viewers have claimed that they will no longer watch the series, and also after the show’s own host in Tom Bergeron released a statement saying that he did not want to see the casting happen.

Will any of this blowback work and change the plan? It’s a difficult thing to figure out, given that ABC had to know ahead of time that there would be blowback to the casting — maybe they didn’t think that it would be so severe, but in this era of social media they’d be foolish to not expect some people to express frustration and/or anger at the decision to bring on board someone with such a politically-charged background.

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Spicer is not the only controversial addition to the cast; yet, it’s the recently of his controversy, coupled with the political nature of it in a charged society, that makes him such a target for rampant frustration among many viewers. The true test of viewers’ sentiment towards the move will come via the premiere ratings. Is there a movement to cease watching the show, or is the social-media audience inflating perception? It’s fair to wonder both, just as it’s also fair that many viewers may still watch but decide not to vote for him in the early going.

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