‘Pretty Little Liars’ spoilers: Check out some Halloween sneak peeks!

With the Halloween special of “Pretty Little Liars” just one day away, it only feels appropriate now to take a closer look at just what we can expect courtesy of some video sneak peeks.

So what do we learn from these? Based on the first one alone, we are either going to see Noel Kahn either die of choking, be saved at the last minute, or play an incredibly cruel trick on everyone around him (which does seem within the realm of possibility based solely on what we have already come to know about the guy). We do know that there is a character who is going to not make it through this episode, but at the moment this really just seems to be a little obvious. After all, why would you put a sneak peek out there of something that turned out to be an enormous spoiler from your episode? We just don’t buy it.

While all of this is going on, Mona is going to continue to work her own brand of crazy from behind closed doors at Radley. We’re not really sure at the moment just what she is hoping to gain here, but this video of her singing “Teddy Bear Picnic” while painting a mannequin head is beyond creepy. Then again, maybe she is just cherishing her final few hours under the sanitarium’s watch, as she has clearly figured out at this point that she is probably not going to remain under their care for too much longer now that she has already found a way to escape.

What do you think about these clips?

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