‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 4 spoilers: About the tattoo…

It would not be “The Vampire Diaries” without a good mystery, and there is one at the moment that has given fans plenty of reason to start up a guessing game courtesy of what happened, or at least what we saw, during the new episode airing on Thursday night.

According to a new report coming our way via E! News, there is a rather clear reason that Jeremy saw the tattoos all over Connor’s arm that no one else has been able to see just yet. However, it’s not seemingly related in any way to his ability to see ghosts that we have not really seen play out in a substantial capacity since the show’s third season. For those of you who want one final clue as to what this tattoo means, rumor has it that this may be some sort of map to something rather important that we will find out some more information about later.

We’re not entirely sure that we are in for a rather pleasant storyline for Jeremy this year; as a matter of fact, many of the pieces are in place for him to go down a pretty hard path. He’s constantly felt as though both Elena and Alaric were repressing him through much of the past year or so, and with the former now a vampire and with the latter one now dead, he’s not really going to have anyone left to serve as his mentor. This leaves him susceptible to being manipulated by someone like Connor, or simply being left alone to his own devices. In Mystic Falls, even the latter is not necessarily a good thing.

What sort of story do you anticipate seeing for Jeremy the rest of this season? Be sure to share some more of your thoughts here by leaving a comment below!

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