‘Homeland’ season 2, episode 4 review: Blowing it up

Let’s start this week’s review of “Homeland” off with a major warning: if you have not yet watched the episode airing on Sunday night, it is probably in your best interest to stop reading now or be prepared to be shocked.

First things first, let’s give the writers and producers here a round of applause. This could have functioned as a season or even a series finale, but they were brave enough to actually make the final scene of this episode the ending to the fourth episode of season 2. After what happened here, it’s pretty clear that nothing on this show will ever be the same. Brody is now in CIA custody, and it’s all thanks to Carrie not waiting for someone else this time to tell her what to do. After getting a hunch while the two were at the bar together (a move determined by the CIA to be the perfect plan of attack to shut him down this time), she ignored their orders and went straight in for the kill just when it seemed like she was about to jump into bed with him.

We could see ourselves talking about some of the other events this week, whether it be Jess throwing Brody out, her unexpected visitor, or Dana making a major move when it comes to her love life. Really, though, all of it seems to pale in comparison to what was the real shocker that will likely have many fans talking for weeks on end. Brody’s family and friends are going to be cut off, he’s in his own separate imprisonment now, and we really have no idea just how he is going to be able to escape it. At the end of the day, does he have to? If he goes to prison, then there’s really not much of a show for us to talk about anymore. Our guess is that the CIA will try and use him to take own Abu Nazir, but even this is a risky proposition.

What did you think about this episode as a whole, and about Brody being captured so quickly?

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