Better Call Saul season 5: Bob Odenkirk on fiery nature of story ahead

Better Call SaulBetter Call Saul season 5 will be premiering in the new year, and all signs point to it being one thing above all else: Insane. Jimmy McGill is now Saul Goodman. He’s said the name aloud and because of that, he’s almost spoken the character into existence.

Now, Jimmy is going to be moving into his own empire business — just of a different sort than Walter White did in Breaking Bad. His is more of a successful legal practice, one where he helps criminals bend the rules and then cashes in on it. We’ll see the rise of this practice, how it goes, and also how Jimmy destroys what was left of his old life in the process. That includes (presumably) his relationship with Kim Wexler, who was notably absent in Breaking Bad.

While Bob Odenkirk couldn’t give too many details on the story ahead in a new The Hollywood Reporter interview, he handed down enough insight to leave us intrigued:

“They’ve been building it slowly but it’s turning. Now it’s turning rapidly, I would say … That’s similar to Breaking Bad, too. This very slow buildup as we go up the roller-coaster ramp and then, it starts going downhill, it just cannot stop. And that’s where we are in season five, which we’re shooting right now.

“Season five is just everything’s on fire, and it’s just burning down around us.”

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Also in this interview, Odenkirk does his part to tease the upcoming Breaking Bad movie, mostly in praising how the crew and producers were able to keep things secret for so long. It’s a miracle when you think about how quickly spoilers get out there these days with social media. Yet, there’s no official word on who is even appearing in that project, let alone when it will come out or what the story is going to be. Our hope still remains that it’s a sequel featuring Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman, showcasing whether or not he is able to escape the insane events that transpired at the end of Breaking Bad.

Better Call Saul season 5 premieres on AMC in the new year, so be prepared to see some of these characters brace themselves for a new era … and also the potential end of this story, which could come as early as season 6.

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